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    Shower Squeegee Cleaner with Cliff Hanger

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    Keep all your glass, windows, and mirrors, clean - squeegee with style!

     If your shower routine includes caring for your shower itself, we suggest getting this shower squeegee.

    BENEFITS of Using Shower Squeegee Cleaner:

    ✅ Efficient Cleaning: The rubber blade efficiently wipes away water and soap scum, leaving surfaces streak-free and shiny.

    ✅ Prevents Buildup: Regular use of the squeegee prevents the buildup of mold and mildew, extending the lifespan of your shower surfaces.

    ✅ Time-Saving: With its quick and effective cleaning action, the squeegee helps you save time on your bathroom maintenance routine.

    ✅ Convenient Storage: The cliff hanger feature ensures that your squeegee is always within reach, eliminating the need for searching or bending to retrieve it.




    The durability of silicone squeegee blade is unmatched. The soft and pliable nature of silicone ensures that it won't scratch or damage delicate surfaces, making it an ideal choice for glass, acrylic, and other sensitive materials commonly found in bathrooms.


    • Applicability: Bathroom, Kitchen, Floor
    • PP Handle
    • Color: Black
    • TPE Shave Head/Sling
    • Silicone Hanger

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Squeegee Cleaner
    • 1x Cliff Hanger


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    Shower Squeegee Cleaner with Cliff Hanger

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